How to Keep your Home Company Ready

Doesn’t it always feel like there’s company around the house? Between play dates, the in-laws coming to visit, and friends dropping by, people are shuffling in and out of here almost every week! It feels like our home is always … Read More

How to Clean your House in Half the Time

Cleaning is considered a chore for a reason. When we find ourselves daydreaming of how to spend our afternoon, cleaning rarely makes our list. Keeping your house clean is something that needs to be done, but it doesn’t have to … Read More

How to Clean the Neglected Items of your Home

There are some areas of our home that we just forget about. When it comes to places like cleaning the counters, washing your comforter, and dusting, those are usually not the ones you forget about. What about all the areas … Read More

A Cleaning Schedule for the Busy Mom

Spring Cleaning is nearly upon us. I love a clean home; it’s the cleaning part I’m not so fond of. It’s tough work being a mom. We have to get our entire family ready for the day, clean the home, … Read More

Writing a Fiction Summary plus Free Worksheet

One skill that many students struggle with is writing a fiction summary. Whether it’s a short story, a chapter, or an entire novel, putting a story or passage into a paragraph or short piece can be difficult. Often, students want … Read More

Mental Health for Moms

Mental health for moms isn’t on the priority list where it should be. Most moms put everyone and everything before themselves. Mom overwhelm kicks in and this can lead to an explosion of emotions. War. It’s a war inside women. … Read More

Spiritual Health for Busy Moms

Spiritual health for moms is about living an authentic and intentional life with a relationship with Jesus. Some days, to be completely honest, when the kids wake up arguing or worse…. sick, I’m running late to appointments, my to-do list … Read More

Writing a Nonfiction Summary

One of the most important skills to teach your child when it comes to reading and writing is summarizing. This will help not only with writing skills but monitoring understanding of a text. Being able to summarize what they’ve read … Read More

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