Holiday Writing Prompts

Tis’ the season for kindness, giving, and thankfulness. Have your children break out their writing journals and respond to some writing prompts for the holidays focusing on all the things that make this season great!

Holiday Writing Prompts with Free Poetry Pages


  • Write about a holiday tradition you have with your family.
  • Make a list of things for which you are thankful.
  • Write a poem about snow using your five senses. What do you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel?
  • Write about the best gift you ever received.
  • Write about the best gift you ever gave someone.
  • Describe your favorite holiday meal using your five senses.
  • What do you have planned for your holiday break?
  • Write a parody of your favorite Christmas/winter song. (Change the words to make it your own.)
  • Write a story using this first line: “This year, her Christmas wish would come true.”
  • Write about your favorite holiday memory with your family.
  • Write a letter to someone you treasure telling them how much they mean to you.
  • Create your own holiday recipe, and write a story featuring the food.
  • Write a review of your favorite holiday movie.
  • Draw a scene in a snow globe and write about a story about what is happening.
  • Christmas is a magical season. Write a story involving some kind of magic.
  • Write an acrostic holiday poem. Write the word out vertically then write a word or phrase for each letter of the word.
  • Draw a family portrait to share with your family this season. Write a few words of appreciation for each family member.
  • Take some inspiration from the song “My Favorite Things”, and make your own list of your favorite things.
  • Write your own New Year’s resolutions. What goals do you have for the New Year?
  • Write a sequel to your favorite holiday story.
  • Look at some of your old holiday pictures and write a story about them.
  • Write a story from the point of view of a snowflake.
  • Draw your own snowman and write a story about him or her.
  • Write about a world without snow.
  • Jesus is the reason for the season. Write Christ’s birth story in your own words.
  • ”A Christmas Carol” is the story of a man who comes to understand what the true Christmas spirit means when he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Write about what Christmas spirit really means to you.
  • Write a list of random acts of kindness. Try to perform some with your family.
  • Use this famous first line to write your own version of the story. “Twas’ the night before Christmas. . .”These writing prompts for the holidays are sure to inspire your children to get into the holiday spirit whether it’s to rejoice in the reason for the season or celebrate all of the blessings of winter.

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