Helping Children Find Their Passion

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Helping children find their passion can be daunting. Passion–it’s an almost overwhelming interest in some endeavor. I believe everyone should have a passion. Parents and children. As an adult it’s somewhat easy to find that passion, but for children, finding … Read More

Charlotte Mason

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The Charlotte Mason Method The Charlotte Mason Method involves teaching writing via narrations, copywork, and studied dictation. It is extremely effective because it allows instructors to determine which skill a child may be lacking when it comes to writing. Some … Read More

$500 Homeschooling Giveaway

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Homeschooling Giveaway worth over $500.  Win it all! An ipad mini tablet worth $329, Write from History ebook set worth $160, Geography Drawing ebook set worth $45.  Open until July 18th! To gain more chances to win, enter your email … Read More

Geography Games

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Online Geography Games Geography games make learning geography fun. Geography should be fun! And easy!   Let’s be honest, most Americans aren’t very good at Geography.  And from what I understand neither are many Europeans when it comes to United … Read More

How to Motivate Students

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How to motivate students? Many, many teachers and many, many parents are asking themselves frequently: How do I motivate my students? Knowing how to motivate students is important because so many students have no drive. In fact, the older they … Read More

Encouraging Failure

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A few weeks ago I was talking with some homeschooling moms (friends of mine), and I mentioned that I was a big advocate of failure. I realized when I said it that not everyone agrees with me. Since then the … Read More

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