Grand Prize 8 QT Instant Pot Giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day!! As a busy homeschool mom, we know a quick way to get nutritious home cooked meals on the table is a dream.  An 8 QT Instant Pot is as close as it comes. Summer is a great … Read More

Writing Complex Sentences plus Free Worksheet

Your children have learned about simple and compound sentences. Simple sentences combine subjects and predicates to make a single independent clause. When at least two simple sentences are joined by a comma and a coordinating conjunction, they become compound sentences. … Read More

Come Party with US

A Wise Old Owl told us something so exciting that we are going to have a party!! During the party we will be talking about this exciting bit of information from the Wise Old Owl… Come celebrate with us. We … Read More

Banned Books Children Should Read

Have you ever read a banned book? What does Huckleberry Finn, Captain Underpants, The Great Gatsby, and To Kill a Mockingbird have in common? At some time, someone has tried banning these books from public and/or school libraries. Why are … Read More

When to Use Certain Punctuation Marks

When it comes to writing, punctuation marks can be very confusing. Sure, periods and question marks are pretty easy, but what about all the others? Helping your child understand when to use certain punctuation marks will help improve their writing … Read More

How to Use Appositives

Appositives are a word, words, or phrases that can replace the noun in a sentence. They can seem complicated at first, but understanding how to use appositives will be simple for your child once they get the hang of it. … Read More

Reviewing the Principal Parts of Verbs

To understand grammar rules, it’s important for your child to know the parts of speech. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions are great places to start. Verbs can get a bit complicated, but by reviewing the principal parts of verbs, … Read More

Ways to Improve Conventions

When it comes to writing, conventions is one of the six traits that’s the easiest to fix. Conventions includes spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. With all the tools at your child’s disposal to help with these elements, there are more … Read More

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