Homeschool Curriculum Resources

That Teach More with Less!

At Brookdale House, we publish educational resources for busy teachers and growing students. And because every student is different, we flexibly design our homeschool curriculum products to be used across grade levels. It is our goal to meet children where they are academically while simultaneously challenging them to excellence!

Homeschool Curriculum Categories:

Charlotte Mason Curriculum A Charlotte Mason writing curriculum that teaches writing, supplements history, and reinforces proper penmanship. This curriculum covers ancient history, medieval history, early modern history, and modern history. Level 1 is for grades 1 to 3. And Level 2 is for grades 3 to 5.

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Bible Memorization Made Easy

A homeschool curriculum which helps students memorize scripture, providing a life time of benefits. There are four options available: Memorize Psalms for Praying, Memorize the Sermon on the Mount, Memorize Philippians, and Memorize Galatians. Children need Scripture!

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Language Lessons

A homeschool curriculum which teaches grammar, writing via narration, copywork, and dictation, and reinforces proper penmanship.

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Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

An incredibly fun curriculum which teaches young children to understand sentence structure as well vocabulary and verb conjugation.

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Catechism Homeschool Curriculum

A Bible based curriculum which teaches proper penmanship and church doctrine

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Bible Handwriting Practice Series

A Bible based curriculum which teaches proper penmanship and Bible Literacy (KJV).

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