Are You a Weary Homeschool Mom?

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As a mom, I understand that you can easily grow weary. Do you have days it seems your children are ganging up on you? Days you just know you are failing? Days you are just sure you couldn’t have done a worse job as a mom?

Yes, me too. That is why I am so excited about the Homeschool Moms Conference. This will be completely online, so you can attend anytime, anywhere, and wearing your jammies. Can it get any better? Yes, Yes, it can!!!

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The BEST thing you can do for you homeschool is attend a homeschool conference. The encouragement, practical helps, and advice you receive are instrumental to your success!

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I just have to mention, I am speaking in the homeschool track.

Inspiring Students to be Internally Motivated presented by Kimberly Garcia– To be successful as adults, one must be internally motivated. Homeschooled students often face unique opportunities that play a role in teaching them to be internally motivated. Whether these opportunities inspire or discourage them to be internally motivated often depends upon us as parents and teachers. Join Kimberly in this session on internal motivation as she discusses how you, as both parent and teacher, can help your students become internally motivated when it comes to their education.

Teaching Students to Embrace Hardwork presented by Kimberly Garcia– Have you ever encouraged your children to fail? If you haven’t before, you might consider doing so. Often the deterrent to embracing the hard work required to conquer a difficult task is fear of failure. That fear can be so overwhelming that it paralyzes children, causing them to stare at one math problem for an hour without ever touching a pencil. To help her own children overcome that paralysis, she had to encourage them to fail. That change has allowed them to approach their school work with more confidence, enabling them to accomplish more work in a shorter period of time and to achieve greater academic success. Join Kimberly in this session as she discusses how important it is that our children learn to overcome fear and embrace the hard work required to be academically successful–a skill they will need throughout their adult lives.

Preparing High School Students for the SAT and ACT presented by Kimberly Garcia– When colleges look at the transcripts of homeschooled students, they are often more interested in our students’ standardized test scores that their grades. Because so many homeschool transcripts are homemade , colleges rely on the SAT and the ACT to verify the grades that they assume were given to students by their biased parents. Because of these homemade transcripts, colleges often rely on the SAT and the ACT to compare homeschooled students to other incoming freshman, making standardized test scores very important for many homeschooled students. My husband and I have successfully graduated two homeschooled students so far. Both have scored fairly well on the SAT and the ACT, achieving scores high enough to earn both of them full ride scholarships to a 4 year university. Join me as I detail our families approach to preparing and studying for the SAT.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I sure hope to see you at the Homeschool Moms Conference!!