Spiritual Health for Busy Moms

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Spiritual health for moms is about living an authentic and intentional life with a relationship with Jesus.

Some days, to be completely honest, when the kids wake up arguing or worse…. sick, I’m running late to appointments, my to-do list is longer than my grocery list and my coffee pot can not brew the liquid gold fast enough; my alone time with God gets placed on the back burner.

Without realizing it, we are hurting our own spiritual health by not investing in our time with God. That precious alone time reading the Bible, praying and soaking in God’s healing truth over our lives is vital to our spiritual health as Christian women and moms.

When it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done please remember the tips below to help keep up your spiritual health.

Spiritual Health for Busy Moms--Finding time to rest in His love and comfort to keep you charged to meet your family's needs.

Real Life Mom Tips


#1 Pray Without Ceasing 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Nothing will take the place of quality time at the feet of Jesus, but some days you are lucky if you have brushed your teeth and gotten dressed before being bombarded with little ones demanding attention. So pray. Pray while you are getting dressed, pray while brushing your teeth, pray while driving, pray while waiting in line. Pray every chance you get.


#2 Scripture Everywhere Psalm 19:14

Purchase a package of post-it notes, write your favorite scripture verses on them and post them about the house. For example, you can post them on the bathroom mirror, on your nightstand, on your debit card, on your car radio, on the inside of the pantry door….you get the point I’m trying to make here. Post a bible verse where it will be easily seen in every spot in your home where you frequent the most.


# 3 Praise and Worship Music Psalm 95:1

In the morning when you are getting ready, while in your car running errands while cooking the family meals or cleaning the house keep praise and worship music playing. Even if it’s quietly playing in the background.


#4 Devotion Books For Moms Matthew 6:33

There are several well-written devotion books for women. Most of them take less than 20 minutes to complete the daily reading and prayer. You could probably find one that is 5 minutes! These are great when you are on the run, running late or just needing a quick refreshing message from the Lord.


#5 Bible on Audio Hebrews 13:9

Remember nothing takes the place of getting the Word of God into our hearts and we must make the time for this. Another option for you, besides reading the Word, is hearing the Word on audio. There are audio Bibles on CD, USB drives or even apps you can download on your smartphone.


#6 Read The Bible As A Family  Proverbs 22:6

Make reading the Bible a family affair. Cut out a few minutes of TV time and replace it with Bible reading time or family devotion time. Not only will you be getting God’s Word into your own heart, but your children will be too. You’ll be setting the example for them too.

I usually have a much better day when I take the time to invest in my relationship with God by being intentional about my alone time with Him. As I sit at the feet of Jesus, I get to lay down all that overwhelms my mom heart and I pick up God’s truth and love. Your spiritual health is vital to your home atmosphere.


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