Build a Family Fun Learning Bundle and save 75% Off

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Hi All, I (Betty) am going to share with you a bit of what I picked out at the Build your Own Bundle Sale!!

Whoever said learning can’t be fun has never seen the products hand picked by yours truly, Betty, for this bundle. As you may remember I like to use a less traditional style of education. Our family’s eduction style is a bit more unschooling or lifestyle of education.

The quality of products in the Build Your Bundle Sale this year is amazing. It really makes it hard to pick a few.

Here is the Build Your Own Structure for this year. It is NEW and IMPROVED from years past and much simpler. The more you buy, the more you save.

When you add products to your cart, the price of your Build Your Own Bundle is set by the total retail value of the products in your cart…

Let’s get an idea how this will work:

  • Cart has a total of $100-$199, your discount will be 75% off, so you pay as low as $25
  • Cart total is $200-$399, your discount will be 80% off, so you pay as low as $40
  • Cart total $400 to $799, your discount will be 85% off, so you pay as low as $60
  • Cart total $800 or over, your discount will be 90% off, so you pay as low as $80

Isn’t that amazing!!!

To view the products, view this wishlist.

So, what did I pick?

  • The Ultimate US History Cheat Sheets
  • Butterfly Nature Study
  • Homemaker’s Backyard Garden Journal: Planner & Tracker
  • Exploring Nature Science Education Website – One Year Subscription
  • Tactile Math and Movement Game
  • Slime Science Activity Book
  • Animal Classification Escape the Volcano Flash Card Game
  • Kids in the Kitchen: eCookbook and Resource Pack
  • Nature Worth Observing
  • STEM Airplane Design
  • Little House Learning Activities
  • Pioneers: Complete Unit Study
  • and a few others, see my full wishlist here.

My total Retail cart price for the Build Your Own Bundle Above is: $154.36 and was discounted 75%

My discounted price on building my bundle: $40.61

Easily shop these resources at my wishlist link.

I also added the Mystery Bundle ($9.95) and How To Turn Any Homeschool Subject Into a Family Travel Adventure (39.50)

Retail Value of the 17 Products: $211.80

I paid $90.06

I am super excited to add these items to our homeschool. Please note, you can add or remove items to your cart that will better fit your family. If building your own build, you will need to have at least $100 retail value worth of products in your cart.