Full ride scholarships

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I have written the following post for parents who would like an inside look at our educational choices which have resulted in our daughter earning a full-ride scholarship. To learn more about our experience, read below. Note: Since the publication … Read More

What is Classical Homeschooling?

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  What is classical homeschooling? In a nutshell, it’s classical education at home! Modern Classical Homeschooling is based on a lecture Dorothy Sayers gave in 1947 at Oxford titled The Lost Tools of Learning. In it she spelled out her vision … Read More

Helping Children Find Their Passion

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Helping children find their passion can be daunting. Passion–it’s an almost overwhelming interest in some endeavor. I believe everyone should have a passion. Parents and children. As an adult it’s somewhat easy to find that passion, but for children, finding … Read More

Charlotte Mason

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The Charlotte Mason Method The Charlotte Mason Method involves teaching writing via narrations, copywork, and studied dictation. It is extremely effective because it allows instructors to determine which skill a child may be lacking when it comes to writing. Some … Read More

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