Back to Homeschool Kindle Fire Giveaway!!

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Wow, can you believe it?  It is back to school time already!!  It feels like summer just started, but really that was nearly three months ago!!  Now it is back to school and… soon the holidays. WOW!!  It is crazy how time flies.

I know as we head back to school, I am finding that tablets and such are a HUGE help with my older children.  I have a HUGE library of books for middle school and younger, but my high school library is nearly bare… So, for us, a Kindle Fire to load with high school level books would be AMAZING!!  Add in that you can stream YouTube videos to coordinate with your curriculum and more, makes a Kindle Fire a GREAT addition to any homeschool.

Enter to win now!!

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You know another way you could use this amazing gadget?  With all those books at the First EVER Build Your Own Bundle Flash Sale!!  Yep, the Biggest Homeschool Sale of the Year that was in May… Well, there is a flash sale coming up for just 48 or so hours!!!

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Did you miss your chance to buy curriculum at an unbelievable price back in May? Did you buy and now wish you could have bought just one more bundle?

Well, on August 30th at 9am EST, you will have your chance again! But there is NO time to delay because on September 1st at 9pm EST the sale will end for the year!