A New Kind of Geography for Kids

Geography for kids can be complicated. And even fun geography sites for kids don’t leave them with the type of understanding of geography that they need. When my kids were little, I did geography with them. We traced routes and … Read More

Do You Encourage Your Child To Fail?

Have you ever encouraged your child to fail? If you haven’t before, you might consider doing so. It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I actively encourage my children to fail. At first, I suspect, … Read More

The Benefits of the Charlotte Mason Method

The Charlotte Mason Method Narration, Copywork, and Studied Dictation Charlotte Mason was a British educator from the 1800s. She dedicated her life to children and their education. Ms. Mason was ahead of her time. She was a true advocate for … Read More

How to Be a Better Teacher

How to be a better teacher is a thought that constantly plagues the back of my mind. See, for the past few years I’ve been teaching co-op classes. I’ve taught in various classes from preschool to grade 12. During that … Read More

Homeschooling with Passion When You’re Tired

Hi It’s time for us to really start our school year again. So I’m writing lesson plans for the 2 high school writing classes I teach at co-op. I’m organizing my own children’s school readers, and picking curricula for them. … Read More

Write from History Reviews

I know, by now, many people have heard of our Write from History books. I also know, because my books are so new to so many homeschoolers, many people haven’t. If you’re one of those people, I wanted to write … Read More

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